Where Your AFA Dues Money Goes........

Fighting For FAT Girls to Wear BIG Red Dresses!!

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Enough already.

"...It's Not Over 'Til the Fat Girl Wears Red"

Seems AFA has once again demonstrated they have lost touch with reality. AFA officials have committed your, mine and our dollars to battle for a minority of disgruntled flight attendants for not being given the opportunity to wear Richard Tyler's and Delta Airlines' signature red dress. It seems the dress is not made in sizes larger than 18. I like fat girls too, but come on. Would you be caught dead in a red dress larger than size 18??
For most fashionistas.......NEVER

All of this, during the most contentious unionizing battle in labor history.

It would seem after losing numerous organizing battles at Delta Airlines, the one shot AFA has at winning this organizing campaign simply rides with the former Northwest flight attendants they currently represent. It would seem all guns would be drawn in this battle to organize and WIN the Delta vote during this single operating certificate decision to incorporate AFA to represent the new Delta flight attendants or leave them behind. Not so.

Rather than focus on the labor battle, AFA has instead chosen to spend valuable resources to argue the merits of fat girls wearing red dresses! That's right. No strategy, again. The media hysteria surrounding the red dress controversy has done little to win over the public. The frivilous complaint only demonstrates to our Delta colleagues the bloated and misguided leadership of the AFA organization. AFA once again loses credibility in the eyes of the public and even in the eyes of potential voters. It seems AFA even supplied a media spokesperson when the red dress fiasco broke but when AFA recently decided to file for an election, it was via a "press release" and "no comment available" from AFA.


Once again it would appear AFA has lost its sense of direction. Rather than winning snap backs for its members or battling for more money in our pockets.....the priorities have once again been misplaced, misguided and misdirected.
You decide........

  • Has AFA's frivilous red dress grievance put money in your pocket?
  • Has AFA's misguided grievance won you any credibility?
  • Has AFA's misplaced grievance won the hearts and souls of our Delta colleagues?

I think not.

NEXT TIME: Your Dues At Work: Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves. Are "unelected by the membership" appointees Danny Campbell and Bruce Retrum each worth over $90,000??? Last year each earned over $90,000 (prior to Retrum's election to MSP LEC)..Imagine what his entitlement will become now! ....quite simply, highway robbery and NOT worth what our dues pay them. By the way, what has "negotiations" been doing exactly the past couple of years to justify the $90,000 salary?? (and remember these people are the same people who bitched about PFAA wages....which hardly compared to this AFA ripoff!)